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Electric bike

We have a permanent stock of 50-60 pieces of electric bicycles manufactured by Z-Tech and Polymobil. With these vehicles you can travel without driving license and helmet on the road, as do traditional bicycles. The one-time charge of the battery can take 35-40 km. Electric bicycles are available in a variety of shapes, shapes and colors, ready-made, commissioned, and 1 year full warranty. Its engine – the most valuable part of the vehicle – is covered by a 2-year warranty.
With an electric auxiliary bike, you can easily get away from jams, roadblocks, diversions while saving your physical strength, reaching your destination more easily and quickly. The bicycle is safe and stable, low maintenance costs, low-cost, noisy and smoke free. Easy to use, it can be used safely by adults, the elderly and young people.

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General technical data:
Battery: 2, 3 vagy 4 x 12V/12Ah
Charging time: 6-8 óra (automatic charger)
Power consumption: 1,3 Ft/km
A chargeable distance: 35-45 km
Capacity: 100-150 kg
Maximum speed: 25-30 km/óra

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