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Cycling nowadays is a renaissance, thanks to its low cost of driving and the responsibility for protecting our environment and air quality. We know it’s hard to put the key down, but roll up good and fortunately more and more people are choosing the bike as a means of transport, because it’s fast and cheap. Moving and preserving the condition while enjoying the pleasure of getting to our workplace and not having to spend on gasoline or rental, only bicycles can offer. In rush hour and crowded cities, this mode of transport is the fastest, no parking problems. It gives you freedom of movement and does not neglect the benefits of health.
It is also a stress reliever. Being careful about cycling – especially in the city – can be a good way of thinking. By the time we got home from work, we drove the tension that day.
You can get to two places on two wheels that you can’t dream of by car.
Our company is the exclusive regional representative of Kellys, Cross, Hauser, Kenzel and Romet bikes.

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